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Mission Type: Capture the Flag
Author: Hamster_of_Doom!
Questions, Comments, Pity: [email protected]
ICQ: 25400277
AIM: Rover v1
Map Version: 1.1
Map Type: Server-Side
Planet: Dmitri VI
System: Jorvis Dmitri
Gravity: Normal
Weather: Overcast
Time of Day: Night
Date: July 5th, 4001
Campaign: Phoenix Rising
# of Captures to Victory: 5
# of Teams: 2
Max # of Players: 32

Briefing:<f0> Listen up soldiers! I know you all are veterans here, but in anticipation of future battles, we have had to ask you to come in from your retirement. You are training with a one of our sister clans on our remote base in the Jorvis sector. The future of our Tribe depends on you!

Failure is not an option.


Watch out for snipers.. planet-light provides good visibility.

Version History
Vers. 1.1
Fixed so players no longer spawn underground.

Thanks to:
Shadow of Death and Tedaw for debuting my maps on their server!
Omnipotent &amp; others for their mapping tutorials.
The mapping community at large for inspiration, demonstration, and perspiration.\nAnd of course the team at Dynamix for Tribes!
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