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File - Magic Chain (Red and Blue)
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Developer ChoiSeung-hyun
Last Update Dec 28, 2013 - 16:48
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Magic Chain

Hello, after many hours of programming and research I have developed Simulated Projectiles v2. This project was designed to help high ping players enjoy the game more, but it also helps lower ping players chain better too.

1. Makes projectiles more 1-1, meaning they're really where you see them. This feels like a mixture of simulated projectiles on with simulated projectiles off. It's hard to describe but very helpful and makes chaining much easier in sub optimal pings. This is essentially what Simulated Projectiles off should have been, but Hi-Rez messed it up.
2. Lowers Rate of Fire on weapons that are tied to ping such as, throwing knives, nova colt, swag blaster, etc. It is not perfect and can't compensate at high pings, so don't expect 0ping knives ROF at 200ping. It works very well with knives and the swag blaster but only shaves off a bit of the ROF of nova colt. The throwing knives animation will be bugged, this is a tradeoff you'll have to deal with sorry..

Special thanks: My team ACD, particularly the offense ♡ JollyJiant, angryblastoise, BORT, and Riehl. Altimor, who helped me optimize and answered some of my questions. And all of the Beta testers who I won't list out of privacy too them.. Although if you were a beta tester and you want to share your experience with the inject feel free.

I plan to support this program/inject for as long as T:A has servers. All thanks and feedback are appreciated. And if anyone has a spare 250 gold code please share, I need a name change.. Sorry ab lol

ChoiSeung-hyun / Ricky

Blue version:
Delays the tracers of bullets by your ping resulting in more accurate bullets. Loses a bit of accuracy at 90-120 ping and isn't usable at all in 120+

Videos of it in action: (30ping)
Watch Immune or Kigabit's stream or VODs for it in 60-90ping.

Red version:
Delays the spawn of your bullets by reported ping time, resulting in more accurate bullets on screen. Should theoretically work at all ping, but chaining at extreme pings is still impossibly inefficient.

Known bugs: Doesn't work on SN7s, throwing knives, swag blasters, or LAR. For these it reverts back to Simulated Projectiles on. Also the bullets spawned are like the ones in Simulated projectiles off (not as bright and smaller than normal).

Videos of it in action: (90ping) (120ping) (30ping)

Read more here:
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