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File - TAMods v0.4 Config Tool
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Developer mcoot
Last Update Dec 02, 2018 - 20:25
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TAMods v0.4 Config Tool

By: mcoot

So, in the last minor release (today's/yesterday's depending on where in the world you are), the config tool included did not come with UIs for every new feature added. I have since added these into the config tool, and hence I've uploaded the updated version of the tool.

What's new

The config tool now has UI to edit every available custom sound (check the Custom Sounds tab - the list has expanded substantially)

The formatting of generated config files has been reworked to be more human-readable (config variables are now listed under relevant section headings)


I haven't made an entirely new mod archive for this; the link just includes the new config tool executable. To install it, just extract the zip file, and replace your TAModConfigurationTool.exe with the one included in the zip.

This build does not include any new UI for Shreq's new modifySound / modifySoundRe functions; these will stay the domain of those willing to edit the Lua themselves for now (a GUI may be included with v0.5).
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