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Average Life Expectancy Hud lists your average life expectancy. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93 Writer's Support Pack
360 Jan 20, 2009
ZIP AMMO HUD by HotCheese
AMMO HUD by HotCheese Based off of the one in Viking Pack by Runar. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93
406 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP AmmoHUD v1.2.1
AmmoHUD v1.2.1 Displays your ammo in a HUD.
363 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP Animated Health and Energy HUD
Animated Health and Energy HUD By: Z Full health: Mid: Low: Preview: The white is of course your energy bar.
272 Dec 23, 2010
ZIP Animated Health and Energy HUD (Groove)
Animated Health and Energy HUD By: Z Modified by: Groove Preview:
313 Dec 27, 2010
ZIP Block Health and Energy
Block HUD By: Z
220 Dec 14, 2010
RAR Block Health and Energy Bright
Block HUD - Bright version Block HUD by Z Modified by Groove
255 Dec 14, 2010
BooMHUD BooMHUD (formerly known as WeapHUD, not to be confused with WepHUD by shokugE) is a small HUD for tracking/displaying almost all kills you made as well as all deaths suffered, ...
374 Jan 15, 2009
BudHUD In short, BudHud lets you easily waypoint friendly players, enemy players, flag carriers. It lets you keep tabs on any buddies you may have online. It lets you dynamically add or ...
358 Jan 16, 2009
CD HUD v1.7 Audio CD player for Tribes. Allows more control over playing tracks or an entire CD from within Tribes. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93
248 Jan 15, 2009
RAR Chat HUD Editor
ChatHudEditor A 1.40 version of this. Made for 1.40 by DaJ4ck3L To edit guis command is guieditor(); Make sure to type this in game in the console you can use this function to make ...
309 Dec 13, 2010
ZIP Chat HUD Editor 2.0
Chat HUD Editor 2.0 This script gives you the possibility to change the amount of lines when changing the Chat-HUD size. Lets the "u"-key link to this script and it will ...
280 Jan 04, 2009
ZIP ChatHUDHider v0.3
ChatHUDHider v0.3 By MrPoop ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This idea was inspired whilst trolling through the PSS forums. Screen space is a limited chunk of real estate. This script hides your Tribes chatHUD with several configurable ...
260 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Clock Hud
Clock Hud Welcome to the wonderful world of Clock Hud. Tells the real time. Installation instructions. 1.) put ClockHud.avl.vol in your tribes\config directory. 2.) run ClockHud.exe, set directory in program. keep running while playing 3.) boot ...
274 Aug 25, 2009
RAR Clock HUD (Legendz)
Clock HUD Shows the remaining time on the map.
317 Dec 13, 2010
ZIP CmdHUD 1.3a
CmdHUD 1.3a (updated 6/3/99) Have you ever been at an Inventory Station or had the Commander Map up when, all of a sudden, the enemy walks right up in front of ...
325 Jan 02, 2009
"Cowboy" Ben Alman
ZIP CowboyHUD 2.3
CowboyHUD 2.3 Have you ever been in a super-crazy melee where there are SO MANY kills and deaths happening all around you that you don't have any idea who you killed ...
318 Jan 03, 2009
"Cowboy" Ben Alman
RAR CTF HUD (Legendz)
CTF HUD Adds a transparent gray background to the CTF HUD.
276 Dec 13, 2010
CTFHuD v1.4 CTFHuD is a heads-up-display script intended to increase your awareness within the game by showing vital information on your screen. The primary goal of CTFHuD is to maximize ...
267 Jan 14, 2009
DeathHUD Basically a SplitMsg style hud, but all text based. Stripped Version Presto Version
271 Jan 16, 2009
Bryan "daerid" Ross
DeeHUD Once again, |HH|Crunchy throws out a good one. Based on |HH|Waldaize's original DeeHUD script, and modified by Crunchy, it allows you to freely fly a vehicle while viewing the command ...
262 Jan 15, 2009
ZIP Defense HUD v1.31
Defense HUD v1.31 Defense HUD is a simple hud meant for defenders who want to keep track of teammates being killed. For example, if I'm front door HD with I/O MeSlayer on ...
252 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP DemoHUD++ 1.2
DemoHUD++ 1.2 (updated 7/15/00) You're thinking, "Why would a DemoHUD need a NewOpts page?" Well, it would if Cowboy was making it! :) You can set all the important (and all the unimportant) ...
303 Jan 03, 2009
"Cowboy" Ben Alman
ZIP Drop HUD v1.3
Drop HUD v1.3 23rd April 2000 Original concept by |HH|Rico. Icons designed by |HH|Crunchy and |HH|Rico. Do NOT use the icons without permission. Requirements NewOpts PrestoPack v0.93 Description The HUD displays an icon that represents the currently ...
250 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP Energy And Life
Energy And Life Bars By: ? /// /// ////////////////////////////////// Step 1: Put the EnergyAndLife in your Dynamix/Tribes/base/skins folder. Step 2: Turn on Tribes and ENJOY! Step 3: Post feedback ...
271 Aug 24, 2009
ZIP EngyHud v2
EngyHudv2 -- By Pyro This Hud originated as my (pyro) idea but then shad0 kind of took it and claimed all the credit as his. So now i am rewriting this ...
253 May 17, 2009
ZIP FishHUD v1.2
-------------------------- FishHUD v1.2 by SuckerFish -------------------------- Introduction: FishHUD is essentially a major rewrite of DynHUD, written by KillerBunny. I noticed that DynHUD was missing kills occasionally, so I decided to take a closer ...
250 Aug 25, 2009
ZIP Flag Status Hud v1.0
Flag Status Hud by Mental Trousers Version 1.0 This script only supports Ctf game play. There isn't any code in it to figure out which variant of the game is being played, ...
264 May 17, 2009
Shane "Mental Trousers" Taylor
ZIP FlagCapsHUD v1.1
FlagCapsHUD! 1.1 (updated 7/16/99) All right... Here's the FlagCapsHUD! NewOpts config page! Requires Presto Pack v0.93 or later, ObjectiveHUD, and Zear's NewOpts supported & STRONGLY recommended! This little picture explains what the different ...
261 Jan 03, 2009
"Cowboy" Ben Alman
ZIP FlagHunterHUD v1.6
FlagHunterHUD v1.6 This HUD tracks flags you are carrying, their value, your total points, kills and deaths for the mission type Hunter! -Tracks total flags you are holding as well ...
253 Jan 15, 2009
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