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ZIP AnniSounds
AnniSounds By: AnubiS To: Annihilation Players -------------. Sounds: | -------------. ->Shotgun | ->Pitchfork | ->Soulgrabber| -------------. How to Install: Drop the wav sounds into your Voices folder. Enjoy!
343 Aug 24, 2009
ZIP Big Monkey
Big Monkey More sounds.
699 Aug 26, 2009
ZIP Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Flag Sounds v2.0
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Flag Sounds v2.0 Converted by: Milk-Man Some flag sounds ripped from COD MW2.
390 May 24, 2010
ZIP Coffee Breath
Coffee Breath More sounds.
296 Aug 26, 2009
ZIP Converge
Converge More sounds.
343 Aug 26, 2009
ZIP Dawnbringer v1.0
Dawnbringer v1.0 Well I will start off by saying that this soundpack may be offensive to others... So take into concideration the people who are around you when you play. IT contains various ...
308 Aug 26, 2009
ZIP Flag Drop Sounds
Flag Drop Sounds Author: Lemon Plays a sound when the flag is dropped. Place the .acs.cs file in config\Modules.
249 Jun 05, 2010
ZIP FunkyMunky
FunkyMunky More sounds from Funky Munky.
365 Aug 26, 2009
{FB} MuNkY
ZIP Levpack v1.0
Levpack v1.0 By [SS-03]Levaithan of the Starslayer Tribe Right, lets keep this short! I made this pack for fun! i got a few sounds from various other sound packs out there! But most are ...
308 Jun 26, 2009
ZIP MaK Pack v1.2
MaK Pack v1.2 Adds new sounds and chat options.
314 Jun 26, 2009
ZIP Monty Python Voice Pack
{PHX}DarkReaper's Monty Python Voice Pack Adds Monty Python sounds and chat options.
304 Jun 26, 2009
ZIP Mr. T Pack
Mr. T Pack Yes, it's much like the smack pack, but it's T. This voice pack contains such classics as "You tradmahk is stupidity!," "When punks start hassl'n decent people, I make it ...
340 Jun 26, 2009
ZIP Nikita's Sounds
Nikita's Sounds Converted by: Nikita I did not make these, and I don't remember who created these... but I've been literally using them since 1998. Has sounds for weapons, explosions, etc.
241 May 24, 2010
ZIP NITEPack v1.0
NITEPack V1.0 Another sound pack by [NIT] Fluffy NITEPack was made by: [NIT] Fluffy with some sounds taken from PrimePack, Thanks OptimusPrime! All other sound are made by [NIT] Fluffy and are completely original.
282 Jun 26, 2009
[NIT] Fluffy
ZIP NotVoicePack
NotVoicePack Adds new sounds
292 Jun 26, 2009
ZIP Pacha Killsound
Pacha Killsound Adds new sounds. Requires PrestoPack.
294 Jun 26, 2009
ZIP PrimePack v2.0
PrimePack v2.0 Adds new sounds.
309 Jun 26, 2009
Optimus Prime
ZIP Pure Pwnage Pack
Pure Pwnage Pack More sounds for your Ultra Monkey sound pack.
407 Aug 26, 2009
RAR Re Sounds
Re Sounds Sounds used by the clan Revolution Evolved.
326 Aug 24, 2009
ZIP TR Sounds
TR Sounds New sounds for Tribes.
290 Aug 26, 2009
ZIP Tribes 2 Sounds for Tribes 1
Tribes 2 Sounds for Tribes 1 Converted by: r00fies This pack has a lot of sounds from Tribes 2 that have been converted to work with Tribes 1.40.
250 May 24, 2010
RAR Tribes Vengeance Sounds
Tribes Vengeance Sounds By: <!> AnubiS Make your Tribes sound like T:V. ================================ Tribes Vengeance Conversion Pack Sounds ================================ By: <!> AnubiS email: [email protected] website: Instructions: ============= Move all the .wav files into your Base folder. (ie C:\Dynamix\TRIBES\Base) (C) Copyright PushBiscuit 1998-2009. (C) ...
558 Nov 25, 2009
ZIP Troc Guy
Troc Guy More sounds, from Troc.
298 Aug 26, 2009
ZIP Troc Sounds
Troc Sounds A few new sounds added to make the weapons sound a little better in game. New: DISCLOOP Rocket2 (disc fire) wblip1 (friendly/enemy kiil) Flag1 (flag taken) flagcapture flagreturn Also added are duel sounds for those who loke ...
307 Aug 26, 2009
ZIP Undercover Brother Sound Pack
Undercover Brother Sound Pack for Tribes v1.1 !!!! By: (=SK=)TrOMa Adds new sounds and chat options
337 Jun 26, 2009
ZIP WeapAudioPack
WeapAudioPack Adds new sounds
307 Jun 26, 2009
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