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ZIP Anti Clone
To prevent server attacks using multiple connections designed to incapacitate and/or crash the server
468 Jan 23, 2009
Harold Brown (LabRat)
ZIP cAdmin v.01
cAdmin (Console Administration) v.01 By: Shayk-N'-Bake This is a harmless piece of code made for the sole purpose of making certain tasks easier to do in Tribes. Usage: ------ Connect to a ...
363 Jul 01, 2009
ZIP EGN Tribes Server Injector
EGN Tribes Server Injector This is a temporary work-a-round for EGN's lack of servers when using Gamescan for TRIBES. Hopefully EGN will correct this soon. Aslan[PXL]
433 Jul 01, 2009
ZIP InvFix
InvFix This script is for Base servers. This patch will fix the problem with the inventory station bug. Extract and place the item.cs in your base directory. And as a nasty present ...
280 May 17, 2009
ZIP Match Admin Server Configuration Script
Match Admin Server Configuration Script Written and submitted by Poker, this script allows quick and easy configuration of a match server for use in TRIBES Leagues. It was designed and used ...
264 Jan 15, 2009
RAR Name Protection
Name Protection When used, the script prevents smurfs, by registering nicknames.
313 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP Server Side Name Protection
Server Side Name Protection by: WorstAim Used in conjuction with Client Side Name Protection to protect people from being smurfed on servers.
326 Aug 24, 2009
ZIP Tribes Server Stat v1.1
Tribes Server Stat v1.1 Features: • written in Perl, so it works under Windows (has been tested on Windows 2000/IIS5/ActivePerl and *nix. • your web server does not need to be on ...
363 Aug 25, 2009
ZIP TribeStat
TribeStat Version: 1.1 Date : August 11, 1999 Author : Ted Wehner TribeStat is "Front-End / Stat Tracker" software designed to work with Starsiege: Tribes. It alleviates the need ...
373 Aug 25, 2009
Ted Wehner
ZIP Zadmin 0.935
Zadmin Overview Zadmin is an admin mod for tribes originally written by rated z (eric lanz) and upgraded by me (andrew). my versions are bastard versions of his original script coupled with ...
501 Jul 01, 2009
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