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ZIP StregaBlasterDrop
This script auto drops the blaster with a HUD. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93 Writer's Support Pack
121 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP StregaDropAmmo
StregaDropAmmo This script binds 4 keys to drop mortar ammo, mines, grenades, and repair kits. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93 Writer's Support Pack
115 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP StregaPacman
StregaPacman This script autodrops anypack that you pick up, as long as you are holding down your "Drop Pack" key. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93 Writer's Support Pack
156 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP StregaPlasmaDrop
StregaPlasmaDrop This script auto drops the Plasma with a HUD. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93 Writer's Support Pack
120 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP StregaWeaponDrop
StregaWeaponDrop This script auto drops the Plasma AND the Blaster with a HUD. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93 Writer's Support Pack
146 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP StregaZoom
StregaZoom Automatically switches to your laser rifle, then back to your previous weapon, upon release. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93 Writer's Support Pack
122 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP Stripped v1.21
Stripped v1.21 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS This script pack is meant to be used BY ITSELF. It more than likely will not like to play nice with 3rd party scripts. That said, ...
241 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP SuperDance
SuperDance Do a random animation ever 5 seconds so you're always dancin!
136 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP SuperFavs v0.46
SuperFavs 0.46 By MrPoop & Cowboy Superfavs Inventory script allows you to have multiple sets of favs. Requirements NewOpts PrestoPack v0.93
171 Jan 14, 2009
MrPoop & Cowboy
ZIP SuperHealth v1.0
SuperHealth 1.0 By MrPoop Basically, this script will autobuy and use two repair kits while in an INV. So if your low on health, run up to an INV, hit the ...
127 May 17, 2009
TXT SuperSniper
SuperSniper Submitted by DS.Poker, this script provides improvements to the standard sniping zoom, including a wider than normal field of vision (FOV) at 120 (vs. the TRIBES standard 90), custom mouse ...
197 Jan 15, 2009
RAR T1 Happy Jump Patch
t1 happy jump patch by Andrew OVERVIEW This patch turns the "IDACTION_TURNLEFT" (or "Turn Left" key in the Options Screen) into a "perfect" ski script. you may bind your spacebar to "Turn ...
199 May 17, 2009
ZIP Tables v1.0
Tables v1.0 This just setups a "table" for certain scripts to use. It is required for Drop Weapon and Ammo Warn. My tables currently support these mods: <ul><li>Base</li></ul> If you want to make ...
149 Jan 19, 2009
ZIP Target and Mortar
Target and Mortar A very little but usefull script, for all of you that use the RangeFinderRecticle. It targets for x seconds and selects your mortar. Idea by: RamataKahn Requirements NewOpts 0.966 PrestoPack v0.93
128 Jan 04, 2009
ZIP TargetFlag v1.2
TargetFlag v1.2 TargetFlag allows you to waypoint flag carriers. Press one key and your waypoint will be set to the team mate who has the enemy flag. Press another ...
142 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Team Change Judger v1.7
Team Change Judger v1.7 This script will keep tracking if someone changes team, and if so, tell him he's a loser or a hero (according to the amount of players on ...
118 Jan 04, 2009
CS Team Damage Notification
Team Damage Notification Automatically complain about people who teamdamage you, and apologize when you hit someone else... Requirements PrestoPack v0.93
128 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP TeamSize HUD v2.1
TeamSize HUD v2.1 23rd April 2000 Inspired by HyperHUD by DarkNinja. Requirements Presto Pack v0.93 or later Zear's NewOpts v0.966 or later Description Displays number of players on the two teams and the number of spectators. ...
174 Jan 03, 2009
CS Thanks!
Thanks! This script will automatically thank your teammates for repairing you... Requirements PrestoPack v0.93
169 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP Throw Control v1.1
ThrowControl v1.1 Allows you to have keys for max. speed continuus Grenade / Mine throwing and has a perfect KaMiKaZe feature too! Requirements NewOpts 0.966 PrestoPack v0.93
178 Jan 04, 2009
ZIP Thrower v1.0
Thrower v1.0 Throws mines and grenades.
161 Jan 16, 2009
TimeHUD Uses Andrew's time stamp patch to print the time in a HUD. Requirements NewOpts PrestoPack v0.93
183 Jan 16, 2009
Shayk-N'-Bake and Kirkesp
TimeHud Requirements PrestoPack v0.93 TimeHud, written and submitted by Shots, places a clock on your play screen. No more excuses when Tribes makes you late for that appointment... TimeHUD actually starts tribes via a ...
168 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP Timerz
timerz by $had0 This script will display a small hud whenever you use a stim, emergency force shields, or arbitor cloaking that counts down the time remaining for each.
149 May 17, 2009
TinyCapHUD - by [TNT]Fudge ( Requirements NewOpts PrestoPack v0.93 Shows flag captures. The flag changes color to green if you're winning, and red if you're losing.
132 Jan 14, 2009
TinyKillHUD - by [TNT]Fudge ( Requirements NewOpts PrestoPack v0.93 Keeps track of your kills and deaths. The icon changes into a cheesy white blob if you die more times than you have killed.
124 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP TinyNotifyHUD v0.2
TinyNotifyHUD v0.2 Pops up a small HUD with information each time someone captures the flag, you kill someone, or someone kills you. Requirements NewOpts PrestoPack v0.93
127 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP Toggle Function v1.0
Toggle Function v1.0 Sent in by GrymReaper, this script should be useful to other scripters. It controls toggling of a global variable, centerprinting a message for verification. Grym's usage comments (in ...
106 Jan 15, 2009
TransHUD Makes your HUDs transparent. Requirements NewOpts PrestoPack v0.93
114 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Tribes HaVoC client scripts
Tribes HaVoC client scripts by [HvC]NaTeDoGG aka Nathan Sweet This script allows you to do many things you would normally not be able to do while playing Racer for both HaVoC or ...
115 May 17, 2009
[HvC]NaTeDoGG aka Nathan Sweet
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