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ZIP UltraTaunt
UltraTaunt This script will automatically taunt your enemy when you kill them.
244 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP URL Catcher
URL Catcher Exports URLs to a .txt file.
187 Jan 16, 2009
VariFOV Smoothly zoom from 1x to 20x fullscreen and back, instead of stepping as in default Tribes. I can't live without it. Requires: Presto Pack
208 Jan 03, 2009
VéKTöRHUD VéKTöR has written a compact front end for Crunchy's ObjectiveHUD/ObjectiveTrak package. It makes a few tradeoffs of information for smaller space, but definitely takes less screen area than ObjectiveHUD! Requirements PrestoPack ...
197 Jan 15, 2009
ZIP Volume
Volume Cycle between different volume levels in-game.
192 Jan 16, 2009
powdahound & CyNiC
ZIP WarPointer v1.4.1
WarPointer v1.4.1 WarPointer is a toolkit designed around the use of a waypointing system. You can use it to find waypoints, and then use it to integrate them into your ...
201 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Waypoint Manager v1.2
Waypoint Manager v1.2 23rd June 2000 Requirements Presto Pack v0.93 or later Zear's NewOpts v0.966 or later ObjectiveTrak v3.2 or later Download at bottom of the page The first zip file has everything you need ...
205 Jan 03, 2009
RAR Weapon & Ammo Cleanup
Weapon & Ammo Cleanup Submitted by Mjr.Phule, based on a script by DS.Ivanova as modified by DS.Poker and Mjr.Phule (and reformatted by me), this script will result in your dropping all ...
215 Jan 15, 2009
ZIP Welcome v2.4.1
Welcome v2.4.1 2nd June 1999 My first ever script, the latest version doesn't look much like my original script though :). Wow, this was pre-Presto Pack, I'm starting to feel old. Requirements Presto Pack ...
224 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP WepHUD v1.0
WepHUD v1.0 WepHUD lets you keep track of your kills & deaths with each kind of weapon. With the information so easily readable in a nice tight column form, you will ...
215 Jan 15, 2009
ZIP wepops
This is my first script for Tribes. As I play shifter I get tired of having to go thru the TAB menu to get what I like. I found Supermono's ...
176 Jun 26, 2009
ZIP Wheel Change
Wheel Change Binds your previous and next weapon to your mouse wheel.
216 May 17, 2009
ZIP WideSniper
WideSniper Provides full screen zoom to 500x (Tribes stops at 20x normally), with a 120 degree wide view in a small window. Also there is a cool targeting assistant feature that ...
217 Jan 03, 2009
ZIP WorstAim's Crash Protection
WorstAim's Crash Protection In some cases people who sent messages containing "\" would crash a player. This script fixes that, and tells who crashed you and with what.
183 Jan 14, 2009
EXE Writer's Scripts
Writer's Scripts for Starsiege Tribes by Lorne Laliberte, The Friendly Canadian Writer Introduction My scripts are meant to enhance the player's experience of the game by adding new features, automating simple events, and ...
297 Jan 03, 2009
"Writer" Lorne Laliberte
ZIP Writer's Support Pack
Writer's Support Pack for Starsiege Tribes by Lorne Laliberte, The Friendly Canadian Writer The Support Pack The Support Pack is a collection of scripts I've designed to add useful functions and features to ...
259 Jan 03, 2009
"Writer" Lorne Laliberte
ZIP XCalibur Admin v8.0
XCalibur Admin v8.0 Extremely detailed Admin mod, includes a menu for altering all aspects of a server.
207 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP X_Flag_Timer
X_Flag_Timer Tells you when the flag is going to return.
197 Jan 16, 2009
Yap Different things you can say. ;)
219 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP z0dd script pack
z0dd script pack This pack includes the following scripts: z0dd_cg.cs: Fires the chaingun in short bursts. It's believed the chaingun fires a narrower cone of bullets during first few moments of ...
347 Jan 14, 2009
Paul "z0dd" Paella
TXT Zoom Functions
Zoom Functions I saw some requests for the ability to go straight to a specific zoom level. The code to do this follows. Steps to set up: Add the code, below, to ...
248 Jan 15, 2009
ZIP Zoom Track v1.1
ZoomTrack v1.1 This script allows you to have more control over your zooming, check the screenshot and all will be clear I guess. Requirements NewOpts 0.966 PrestoPack v0.93 Download ZoomTrack v1.1 You can also download a ...
200 Jan 04, 2009
[TG]AFK This scripts allows you to send a message when you go AFK and send messages if you get killed while you are AFK.
199 Jan 16, 2009
Dustin Bruce
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