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File - AirPower
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Type: Capture the Flag
Mission Type: Capture the Flag
Author: Hamster_of_Doom!
Questions, Comments, Pity:
Map Version: 1.3
Map Type: Server-Side
Planet: Larua
System: Mahkali
Gravity: Normal
Weather: Clear
Time of Day: Midday
Date: Feburary 2nd, 4025
Campaign: Brunt
# of Captures to Victory: 6
# of Teams: 2
Max # of Players: 24

Briefing: Listen up soldiers! We have only a short time before our enemy overtakes us. Even though we were able to withstand their aerial assault in the Battle of Tightrope, we took heavy casualties, and are in bad shape. Since our base was damaged and abandoned after that battle, we have had to fall back to our staging base near the city of Kiam. Unfortunately, the enemy was expecting this. A surprise assault left the base near ruin. Our engineers and skeleton crew were able to get most of the base back in order, but in order to do so, they had to partially disassemble the base, thus leaving it wide open to a follow-up assault, and certain parts have vulnerable capture switches that control rocket turrets the enemy can use for their advantage! The enemy battalion following us has gotten word of this and is moving into position for the kill. Not only that, but scouts report they are going to add insult to injury by extending their base to match ours when they deliver the final blow! Additionally, we must find out what has happened to our main base near the capital, Opula Magnus. Several days ago, all communication from them ceased. When we land, the assault will already be in progress, so strap on those mortars & plasmas. In their mockery, our enemy has opened up their belly and is vulnerable! Lets MOVE!

And remember: failure is not an option.


Each switch controls the turrets on that base and two of the four turrets in the center. The more you control, the better.
There are gens in the center that control the rocket turrets. If you can't re-cap the center bases, disable them, but remember this tactic if you own them.
Your base is extended, so team work is vital to keeping it all working!

Version History
Vers. 1.3
Removed inventory stations from capturable bases and replaced with ammo stations.
Put two repair packs by the air base's generators.
Vers. 1.2
Updated (.dsc) description file.
Changed cap limit from default to 6.

Vers. 1.1
Rearranged ground to base platforms for one base to allow easier accessibility.
Fine tuned placement of various items.
Lowered round bunkers to allow players a greater range for shooting.

Thanks to:
Shadow of Death and Tedaw for debuting my maps on their server!
Gerbil_of_Pain! for his suggestions on making the map play better.
Omnipotent & others for their mapping tutorials.
The mapping community at large for inspiration, demonstration, and perspiration.
And of course the team at Dynamix for Tribes!
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