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Type: Capture the Flag
Mission Type: Capture the Flag
Author: Hamster_of_Doom!
Questions, Comments, Pity:
Map Version: 1.1
Map Type: Server-Side
Planet: Amahis IV
System: Amahis
Gravity: Normal
Weather: Cloudy
Time of Day: Afternoon
Date: Nov 1st, 4032
Campaign: Blades of Fury
# of Captures to Victory: 6
# of Teams: 2
Max # of Players: 20

Briefing: We have received a distress signal from the come relay on Amahis IV. It appears that our hated enemy is attempting to capture it and use it to listen in on our communications. We moved to intercept and have met our enemy head on. Control of the tower is paramount to sucess.

Failure is not an option.


To access the flags and attack the enemy's base, destroy the solar generator on top of the base.
There are two places to get inventory access on the bas - in it and behind it. Generators that power both areas will be found in both areas.
If you fall off use the elevators in the center to get back up. Although they work for both teams at all times, if you don't control the center be careful.

Version History
Vers. 1.1
Fixed typos in the .dsc.
Moved the switch from the top of the tower to out in front so that all armors can capture it.
Removed plasma turrets from center objective.
Removed indoor turrets from top part of each team's bases.Thanks to:
Shadow of Death and Tedaw for debuting my maps on their server!
Omnipotent & others for their mapping tutorials.
The mapping community at large for inspiration, demonstration, and perspiration.
And of course the team at Dynamix for Tribes!
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