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File - Admin Enhancements v0.6 Beta
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Developer Kevin Savage (*IX*Savage1)
Last Update Jun 26, 2009 - 15:11
Version 0.6 Beta
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File Tags  admin  Enhancements  insomniax  ixadmin  
Name: Admin Enhancements.
Version: 0.6b Beta (For TRIBES Version 1.2)
Date: 3-2-99
Author: Kevin Savage (*IX*Savage1)
Purpose: To give Server Admins More control and flexability.
Current Addititions: (Described in Detail Below)
Anti-TK Settings.
Out of Bounds Kill. (Adjustable)
Disabling of Public Admin Commands.
Disable Admin Vote.
Ability to Purge Public Admins.
Ability to Appoint a Public Admin.

Notes: Some people have been taking code from this mod and pasting
it into their own. What can I do im handing this out for free.
if you do use this code I would appreciate a mention as to
where you got the information and/or code. Thanks.
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