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File - Tribes Vengeance Conversion Pack Hudbot Extreme Edition v2.0
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Developer TE-Krogoth
Last Update Nov 26, 2009 - 20:51
Version 2.0
Size 61.34MB
Type RAR
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File Tags vengeance  conversion  pack  hudbot  extreme  t:v  
Tribes Vengeance Conversion Pack Hudbot Extreme Edition v2.0

Make your Tribes look like T:V with this conversion pack.

Inlcuded in this pack are:
A complete set of new armors. These are the Blood Ealge armors.
Ammo station
Disc launcher
Flag Stand
Grenade launcher
Health kit
Inventory station
Repair pack
Shield pack
Shock lance
Small cargo vehicle
Tower switch
Tree 1
Tree 2

All models are animated when necessary. All models leave carnage when destroyed, when necessary.

I am aware that the armors are not perfect, but that's as good as they are going to get, so don't complain.

Armors (Male models only pictured)





6x6 Elevator (Jumppad in Annihilation)

Pulse Sensor

Tower Switch


Vehicles (Team based textures)

HudBot Extreme Edition

Tribes Vengeance Conversion Pack

By: TE-Krogoth
email: [email protected]

Do NOT change the names of the .bmp or .tga files or Tribes will crash when you use the model.

Move all the .bmp and .dts files into your Base folder. (ie C:\Dynamix\TRIBES\Base)
If you want to use the Flag or Mine in Tribes, you will need to get a CRC Bypass.

Move the .tga files into the Replacements folder.
Copy all of the text in autoexec.txt into your autoexec.cs file after the exec("hudbot.cs"); line.
If you want to use the Flag or Mine in Tribes, you will need to get a CRC Bypass.

The dsword.flag.tga sitting out in the main directory, is just an additional flag skin you can use if you don't like the current one. Anubis made it.

If your computer lags, then you can't handle the Extreme Edition. Sorry.

Special Thanks To:
Anubis for various support. He also converted most of the base textures.
Bongwater for HudBot support.
Braveskin for various support.
MadCowDisease2 for Tribes modeling support.
NoFiX for a creative and easy way to find sequencers.
Noxwizard for ripping some of the models and textures.
Perrinoia for various support.
Plasmatic for pointing out the obvious answer.
RobinDegen for helping me get 3DS Max 2.5 to work way back when.
SINISTER for finding 3DS Max 2.5.

Programs Used:
3DS Max 2.5
3DS Max 8
3DS Max 9
3DS Max 2010
PhotoShop CS2
PhotoShop CS3
PhotoShop CS4
3D Ripper DX (ripping program used on Windows XP)
3DVIA Printscreen 2.3 (ripping program used on Windows Vista)
KoichiSenada's 3dsMaxConvertXML (script used in 3DS Max 9 with 3DVIA Printscreen 2.3)
NVIDIA .dds Plugin for PhotoShop

If you would like to learn to make your own models/skins, please look here:

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me.

(C) Copyright The Exiled 2004-2009.
(C) Copyright Dynamix 1998-2009.
(C) Copyright Vivendi Games 2009.
(C) Copyright Sierra 1979-2009.
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