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File - ScriptGL v0.0.20
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Developer GreyHound
Last Update May 11, 2011 - 00:13
Version 0.0.20
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ScriptGL v0.0.20
By: GreyHound

Basically, this lets you draw your huds onto the screen instead of using actual images.


If you have problems with the screenshot function use this (0.0.21) dll. It's the same, just without the screenshot overwrite.

If you want a transparent (tribes default) chat hud use this exe instead: ScriptGL Tribes.exe with TransChat

$scriptgl::enabled=true; to enable.

$ScriptGL::Hud::ShowGree nlines = false; to get rid of the greenlines.

All Scripts in /Modules/ are just example huds and can savely be removed.

I need to add some documentation soon,
but since this replicates Andrews original stuff you can get a lot of info here in the meanwhile.

... Have fun!

I'll try to get this documented asap!

Also This is the reference website

-Initial Release
-Removed hijacking the screenshot function (doing *.jpeg screenshots instead of *.bmp shots). Does not work on 1% of the clients ;//
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