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File - Starsiege Writers' Guide
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Starsiege Writers' Guide

What you have is a work in progress. Weíre trying to create an open ended universe that will allow anyone
interested in a compelling setting to base whatever stories they can think up. There are already several
different computer games set in this universe and the timeline works around them.

As you read our work you will undoubtedly find many typos and spelling errors. Please read it with an
open mind. It is really not meant for public consumption. Some of the information is also duplicated. Iíve
enclosed several living documents (docs that change as the design progresses). These documents contain
much of the same information. Bear with it as best you can.

Any thoughts on our work or suggestions to make it better would be fantastic. I canít guarantee all ideas
can be worked in. In fact almost certainly they wonít all make the cut. However donít be discouraged. We
do read everything you send.

Send questions or comments to starsiegewriters@Dynamix.Com


Chris Cole
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