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File - NoChat v0.1
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Downloads 8
Views 19
Developer Smokey
Last Update Aug 27, 2023 - 16:18
Version 0.1
Size 10.7KB
Type ZIP
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File Tags 1.40  
Nochat dll by Smokey


Dll creates a toggle to enable/disable the native chat hud while maintaining visibility of the vchat menu. The chat hud will still remain visible in other views (Inventory, Command, Objectives) regardless of the toggle.

Make sure to install the accompanying script file (Nochat.acs.cs) to config/Modules. This script creates a bindable command (Nochat Toggle) you can assign in the game's Options->Binds->Global menu system.

Also including remoteep.cs. Install that to config/Core to the extent you don't already have in your config.

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