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File - PrestoPack v0.93
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Developer Presto
Last Update Jan 14, 2009 - 19:48
Version 0.93
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Chat Menu
I've made it easier than ever to create new options in your V-Chat menu. A new series of voice definitions and completely configurable menus make it a snap to combine any text and any voice and drop it onto a menu. In the new V-Chat menu included in my pack, I've already added a few useful ones.

This script lets you pick what you want to drop, using a menu. For instance, you can specifically drop mortar ammo, or the disc launcher, or your flag, all from one menu and without having to change weapons to do it. Finally, it's practical to use your light troopers to carry mortar ammo to the heavies!

This is my reworked version of Killer Bunny's dyn_hud.cs script. Hit ctrl-H (the default key) to bring up a flag-tracking Heads Up Display, which also lists your mines, grenades, repair kits, and kills & deaths.

Step up to an inventory station: you're automatically turned around. A camera view is placed on the Inventory GUI so while you're buying items, you can see if anyone is waiting in line. Then, when you're done, just walk forward to leave. The free look feature will even let you use your mouse to look around while you're still at the station!

Ever gotten frustrated at the message "Need Repairs"? What needs repairs? Who's gonna fix it? Well, the Job Tracking menu is as easy to use as the V-Chat menu but much more informative. You can make sentences from "We need someone to repair our generator!" to "I will deploy an inventory station." to "I am attacking the enemy's roof." with three or four keystrokes.

There's no reason to ever again be bothered by another spamming juvenile. With client-side muting enabled you can turn off noisy troublemakers! You have the choice to mute repeated messages or messages generated by voice packs, too.

Adjust PrestoPack to your own preferences. Nearly everything in the pack is configurable, even by a non-scripter. By editing the file PrestoPrefs.cs you can change the locations of HUDs on your screen, and enable or disable the key-bindings for every feature. There are plenty of other options too!

Hey, check it out! You can watch your friends get gunned down or see what they're repairing, with bright, colorful icons. :) This was the major new feature of the PrestoPack version 0.92 and it's only gotten better since. Check out this screenshot to see how useful the Team HUD can be.

Then you need to get this scriptpack, because it's over 200k of scripting examples and low-level functionality for you to build your own scripts off of!

Finally, your scripts will know something you learned way back in Kindergarten: how to share! If you've ever tried to distribute a script you know what a pain it is to explain how people have to modify your script to make it work with their existing scripts. Events solve this problem: use them to write a PrestoPack compatible script and your users will never have to edit your code themselves again!

You know that cool V-Chat menu that lets you pick & choose new voice chat sayings? Well, now you can build your own menus which do anything - they don't just make the player say stuff, instead they can execute any command you want!

Unless you're living under a rock, you know that HUDs are the hottest thing to hit Tribes client-side scripting! Well, my generic HUD code can have you up and running a new HUD in 5 lines of code - and well on your way to creating more complex HUDs in no time.

Well, this ain't that visible a feature, but it sure is useful! Generic list management routines let you store arbitrary data, and keep it sorted in any number of ways simultaneously. Then, pull it all back out at once, sorted, to do with as you wish...

TeamTrak is actually a collection of features which track everything about your team. As members come and go you're constantly notified, so you can update your own scripts. Also, the flag status is conveniently reduced into a single callback that tells you when the flag is taken, captured, dropped or returned.

Ever wanted to write a script that tracks your proficiency with a particular weapon? Or what weapon just killed you? Well, don't bother. Scripters have already written them. And they did it using KillTrak, the deathmessage tracking code from the PrestoPack!

This is the mechanism which keeps the TeamHUD updated with each player's tasks - you can tap into it too, and give or receive orders hidden in player messages!


I've done a lot of work to make my pack as easy to install as possible. If you read this page you'll hopefully be able to avoid the most common mistakes that other people have made!

First, after you've downloaded the file, you'll notice the PrestoPack has a lot of script files a single .ZIP file. You have to extract these files into your Tribes config directory, with subdirectories turned on! This will create a new subdirectory, called Presto, under your Tribes\config directory.

How can you tell if you unzipped it right? The majority of the files should have ended up in the directory TRIBES\CONFIG\PRESTO. For instance, if TRIBES is in C:\DYNAMIX\TRIBES, then my files are in C:\DYNAMIX\TRIBES\CONFIG\PRESTO.

Want to make absoluteley sure? Well, after you've unzipped, hit the Windows Start Menu button, then select Find... and Files or Computers. Enter a search for one of my files, for instance TEAMHUD.CS -- make sure you're looking on the right drive! It should find the file, and in the right directory (In this picture, I've made the important things a little bigger so you can see them)

In other words, you should find the file in a directory that ends with TRIBES\CONFIG\PRESTO. If it tells you the directory on the right, it means you accidentally unzipped it into the TRIBES directory instead of the TRIBES\CONFIG directory, so go back and Make Things Right. :)

Next, edit your TRIBES\CONFIG\AUTOEXEC.CS file, and on the very last line of the file, insert the line

Type it exactly like that, with the double backslash and everything, and make sure it's the last line. Don't rename the file to that text, just open it in a text editor and add that line as the last line. (Sorry, I know you're not dumb, but some people are ;) ) You should not be running Tribes when you do this, by the way. Quit first, then restart when you've made your changes.

If you don't have a TRIBES\CONFIG\AUTOEXEC.CS file, then I have included one in my pack for you. Just copy it out of the TRIBES\CONFIG\PRESTO directory and up into the TRIBES\CONFIG directory. The copy I included has already been modified to add the install line, so you don't have to do it yourself.

Don't run Tribes yet. Read the rest of this page first.

Your personal settings are stored in the file PRESTOPREFS.CS, which is in the TRIBES\CONFIG\PRESTO directory. Each option has a full explanation. Please read the entire file to see what options are available to you!

Future releases of the PrestoPak will include an updated PRESTOPREFS.CS ... So if you customize the settings, please back up your PRESTOPREFS.CS file so that it is not lost when you install a later version of PrestoPak.

When you run my pack for the first time, it will back up your AUTOEXEC.CS and CONFIG.CS files. These files store your script loadings and key bindings. I back them up in case someday, heaven forbid, you should decide you don't want to run my script any more.

Should the day arrive that you no longer require the services of PrestoPack, bring up a console in Tribes. This is done with the ~ key. At the prompt, type:

Yes, that's a semicolon at the end, and you need it. If it says "Syntax error line 1", you mistyped it.

DON'T BE SURPRISED! When you uninstall, Tribes will immediately quit. I had to do this so that it wouldn't just auto-save my keys back over your config! Tribes did not crash.

You will find that your AUTOEXEC.CS and CONFIG.CS have been restored to exactly as they were right before you installed my pack. I'm sorry, this means that any config changes you made while my pack was installed will also be lost. There's no way I can uninstall my stuff and not your other changes.

If you don't want this to happen, don't use the automatic uninstall.
If you're just evaluating the pack, don't make other significant changes until you've decided if you want to keep using my pack!
Even though you've uninstalled to the point right before you ran my script for the first time, you still have to edit your AUTOEXEC.CS and remove the exec("presto\\install.cs") line! Otherwise it will install again :)
Okay, you can go run my script now!
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