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File - CheckSix
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Developer Quantum Core (Bytor)
Last Update Jan 22, 2009 - 23:36
Size 6.7KB
Type ZIP
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File Tags ctf  
Author: Quantum Core (Bytor)
Req. Download: No
Type: CTF
Last Modified: Mar. 4, 1999 14:03
File Size: 7 Kb

This map is a CTF conversion of the stock Defend and Destroy map called Siege. We have added a forcefield in the main flag room and a small sniper tower between the two bases. Oh_Heck's wardrobe furnished by Dynamix. NEW: After playtesting, we determined that it was too easy to set up defenses in the flag room. So, we took ALL inventory stations out of the bases. The only inventory stations now exist in a capturable tower in the center of the map, between the two bases.

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Screenshot Screenshot
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