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Maps Maps
Maps for Tribes: Ascend's dev client.
10 TrCTF-Frac.. [65]
Apr 10, 2022
Package Files Package Files
These are non-map specific package files for Tribes: Ascend's dev client. These are required to play on most custom maps.
14 TA Evil Pa.. [70]
Apr 10, 2022
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RAR Magic Chain (Red and Blue)
Magic Chain Hello, after many hours of programming and research I have developed Simulated Projectiles v2. This project was designed to help high ping players enjoy the game more, but it ...
477 Dec 28, 2013
RAR Magic Chain v3
Updates to Magic Chain: Fixed the nova colt's ROF Updated Red versions bullet data for more accurate bullet placement representations Client side switching planning to be added. Compiled using Visual Studio 2012 so you ...
498 Feb 19, 2014
ZIP RefShaderCache
In the official version of the game, the shader compiler crashes when attempting to load a custom map in the game. Workaround (Easy way) Step 1 Download a RefShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3.upk which has been modified, ...
101 Apr 10, 2022
ZIP TA Actor Classes
These are the actor classes for TA so that you can place flags, turrets, gens, etc. in the uDK when you make your map. These files are only needed for MAPPERs. Installation ============ Place ...
454 Feb 10, 2014
RAR TAMods v0.4 (Updated July 16)
TAMods v0.4 (Updated July 16) By: Ensiss This mod allows the user to customize many different cosmetic aspects of the game, including: Damage numbers Chat HUD icons Level 50 XP bar Per weapon configurations Permanent user mute Crosshairs Enhanced ...
322 Jul 12, 2015
ZIP TAMods v0.4 Config Tool
TAMods v0.4 Config Tool By: mcoot So, in the last minor release (today's/yesterday's depending on where in the world you are), the config tool included did not come with UIs for ...
365 Jul 20, 2015
ZIP Tribes: Ascend Dev Client
Tribes: Ascend Dev Client This is the Tribes: Ascend developer's client, which is needed to host servers and play on custom maps. These are the files from the bin.torrent that is ...
1,658 Aug 17, 2013
TORRENT Tribes: Ascend Dev Client (Torrent)
Torrent file for the Tribes: Ascend Dev Client
641 Jan 05, 2014
ZIP Tribes: Ascend Dev Launcher
Tribes: Ascend Dev Launcher By: AvianIsTheTerm This is a launcher designed to simplify the process of working with the T:A Dev client. It lets you specifiy the path to the the dev ...
394 Dec 15, 2013
ZIP Tribes: Ascend Extraction Tools
Tribes: Ascend Extraction Tools This is a set of tools that will allow you to extract files from Tribes: Ascend. Supported files: Models and Animations Textures Sounds
1,233 Jun 17, 2012
ZIP Tribes: Ascend Parting Gifts (Full Client)
Tribes: Ascend Parting Gifts This is the final build of Tribes: Ascend, a standalone version, which does not require Steam or the Hi-Rez Launcher. Can also be downloaded here:
6,236 Nov 24, 2018
EXE TribesLauncher (TA Mods Launcher) v1.0.3
The recommended way to get started with TAMods is to download TribesLauncher here. TribesLauncher is an application which automatically keeps TAMods up-to-date, and allows you to run Tribes with TAMods ...
214 Dec 24, 2018
EXE UDK 2011-01-BETA
Unreal Development Kit (UDK) This is the UDK version needed to create maps for Tribes: Ascend. Unreal is no longer hosting the file since UE4 was released. Mirror: Download from
310 Apr 03, 2022
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