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ZIP 11 Favs
11 Favs Allows you to have up to 11 favorites set.
809 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP 20 favs
Allows you to add 20 favorites to your tribes hud.
533 Jan 20, 2009
<NV> Pr][nce
ZIP 40 favs
Allows you to add 40 favorites (favs) to your inventory hud.
621 Jan 20, 2009
ZIP Alarm
Allows the player to set an alarm in game so that he/she can be alerted of something. Requirements NewOpts PrestoPack v0.93
509 Jan 20, 2009
Average Life Expectancy Hud lists your average life expectancy. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93 Writer's Support Pack
497 Jan 20, 2009
Death Animation script Plays a fake death
541 Jan 20, 2009
ZIP AMMO HUD by HotCheese
AMMO HUD by HotCheese Based off of the one in Viking Pack by Runar. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93
524 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Ammo Warn v1.0
Ammo Warn v1.0 This script checks to see how much ammo you have left for your current weapon. If your ammo gets below the specified amount of ammo for that weapon, ...
454 Jan 19, 2009
ZIP AmmoHUD v1.2.1
AmmoHUD v1.2.1 Displays your ammo in a HUD.
479 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP AnniDrop
AnniDrop BigBunny's Dropper converted for Annihilation mods. Drop all files inside your Config folder. Copy and paste the autoexec lines. Open DropperPrefs.cs and add more items into your dropper menu. -AnubiS
585 Aug 24, 2009
ZIP AnniKPack
A voice pack for Annihilation that works with Presto. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93
505 Jan 20, 2009
ZIP Anti Clone
To prevent server attacks using multiple connections designed to incapacitate and/or crash the server
469 Jan 23, 2009
Harold Brown (LabRat)
ZIP Anti Spam v1.4
Anti Spam v1.4 This script reduces spam by muting all messages that are duplicates (2 messages that are the same by the same person) and by getting rid of those annoying ...
474 Jan 19, 2009
ZIP Arm Chat
This script replaces the existing chat menu with all of the the chat messages the developers left out, while retaining all /of the original chat messages. This means you don't ...
515 Jan 24, 2009
Coty "Armagedon"
RAR Auto Booster
Auto Booster By holding down a single button it will repeatedly deploy beacons (speed boosters) until that button is released, allowing you to achieve top speed much faster. The same goes for brakes ...
543 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Auto Flag Waypoint
This script will automatically waypoint the friendly or enemy flag on the push of a button! This has been a long awaited script, and I hope you like it!
489 Jan 24, 2009
ZIP AutoCrouch
This allows you to stand pose when you stop running, and if you duck, your view wont duck, allowing you to snipe invisibly over a hill or ridge
508 Jan 20, 2009
ZIP AutoDrop
AutoDrop Automatically drops an item (originally designed to drop repair packs) from an inventory station each and every time you use it! Woohoo!
502 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP AutoPoint v1.1
AutoPoint v1.1 AutoPoint is, to the author's knowledge the MOST advanced auto flag waypointer around. This thing is pretty darned smart. You can set it to Auto waypoint to either friendly ...
497 Jan 16, 2009
AutoSAD Put in passwords for servers that you have admin in, and it will automatically log you in via SADpass.
445 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP BB Dropper 1.3
BB Dropper 1.3 Same concept as Writer's litterbug script: let's you bind keys allowing you to spawn a heap of items at inventory stations. All is configured via NewOpts (off course). There ...
500 Jan 04, 2009
ZIP BB Favourites
BB Favourites What you get: [1] - Simple and clean interface [2] - Plug&amp;Play Easy installation [3] - Super-Fast Favourites purchaser [4] - Great &amp; Easy to use MOD support [5] - Support for 40 loadouts ...
519 Jan 04, 2009
ZIP BB Favourites Addon v1.9
BB Favourites Addon v1.9 I wrote this script as an Addon to BBfavourites. When you run over a dead body it will only pickup the weapons that you selected as ...
467 Jan 06, 2009
Auto heal at the inventory stations, without having to press anything
463 Jan 24, 2009
ZIP Beacon&Mine
Beacon&amp;Mine This script auto drops the blaster with a HUD. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93 Writer's Support Pack
483 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP Beacon/Mine v1.6
Beacon/Mine v1.6 This script deploys a beacon, throws out a mine, then says to your teammates beware of mine at beacon. The beacon helps show your teammates where the mine is ...
462 Jan 19, 2009
ZIP BlasterLess v1.0
BlasterLess v1.0 BlasterLess is a script that will automatically drop your blaster. On spawn, on join, on picking it up - you drop it. You can throw a blaster on ...
462 Jan 14, 2009
BooMHUD BooMHUD (formerly known as WeapHUD, not to be confused with WepHUD by shokugE) is a small HUD for tracking/displaying almost all kills you made as well as all deaths suffered, ...
490 Jan 15, 2009
BudHUD In short, BudHud lets you easily waypoint friendly players, enemy players, flag carriers. It lets you keep tabs on any buddies you may have online. It lets you dynamically add or ...
531 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP CapDrop
CapDrop Binds a key to drop a mass of things. The main purpose is to unload mines/ammo/etc before you go for the flag so the LD don't get your stuff. :)
474 Jan 16, 2009
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