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File - TrCTF-Periculo
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Developer Dodge
Last Update Apr 10, 2022 - 21:39
Version 007
Size 65.47MB
Type ZIP
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File Tags Ascend  CTF  
Created by: Dodge


Caves, who knew you could use them for capping? Yeah probably no entry caps, but atleast exits are interesting. Much less of a worry about a sniper with that much cover. You can move fast but getting over the hill is a bit of a hurdle. A lot of the terrain is far less forgiving.

Read more here.

The following art packages are required to play this map:
TA_Periculo_Dodge - Included
TA_Common_Dodge -
TA_Common -
TA_Skies -

For players/server hosts:
Extract both files to \TribesGame\CookedPC\Maps

For mappers:
Extract TA_Periculo_Dodge.upk to \UDK\UDK-2011-01\UDKGame\Content
Extract TrCTF-Periculo.udk to \UDK\UDK-2011-01\UDKGame\Content\Maps
Also, an additional art package will be required:
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