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File - NewOpts
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Developer Zear
Last Update Jan 14, 2009 - 19:45
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This is a collection of scripts that provide new options screens and support required for a wide variety of other scripts. Among other things:

-Autoload allows drop-in script installation - no editing autoexec.cs, no mis-placed files, no hassles.
-HudMover is a simple way to place your Huds where you want them onscreen.
-NewPrefs provides three pages of options, exposing many preferences that were hidden by default in Tribes.
-NewOpts provides a framework which will allow other scripts to insert options pages into the Tribes Options screen, including the first version of a new Help system.
-DialogOpts provides pre-made generic and specific use modal dialogs for use by other scripters.
-SenseStack provides freelook sensitivity management to prevent scripts from setting sensitivity to the wrong values and to preserve your axis flip the way you set it.
-FovStack provides Field Of Vision management, prevents scripts from interfering with each other in unwanted ways.
-MoreString includes many more string manipulation functions, including pixel sizing.

Requires PrestoPack
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