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ZIP cAdmin v.01
cAdmin (Console Administration) v.01 By: Shayk-N'-Bake This is a harmless piece of code made for the sole purpose of making certain tasks easier to do in Tribes. Usage: ------ Connect to a ...
363 Jul 01, 2009
Program used to host dedicated servers, and prevents servers from being DOS attacked. Highly suggested if hosting dedicated.
390 Jun 07, 2008
ZIP DoSFix Pack
This pack includes all of NoFiX's DoSFix releases, which include: 1.8 1.9 1.11 LastHope Build
352 Jun 30, 2008
ZIP DoSFiX v13 Plus
DoSFiX v13 Plus By: NoFiX This is a scripted version of DoSFiX. It includes: DoSFix - includes the ability to throttle/block remote functions both known and unknown MySQL - connect to a MYSQL ...
389 May 09, 2011
ZIP EZConsole
EZConsole Copyrighted 2000 by Dustin Miller (Lord-X) Coded by: Lord-X Graphics/Design: Netrat Graphics Assistance: {dk} Dave EZConsole is a remote admin utility for Starsiege Tribes. It telnets to the server and enters the sometimes combursome admin ...
370 Jun 26, 2009
Dustin Miller (Lord-X)
ZIP ezServer v1.5
ezServer v1.5 Required if you want to use ezConsole.
394 Aug 27, 2009
ZIP Fstat Clientside v0.96(Beta)
Fstat Clientside V0.96(Beta) This program is (c)1999-2001 by Geir 'Freaky' Allsted. All rights reserved. Fstat windows server configuration utility. You need to add the $telnetport and $telnetpassword to your tribes configuration file to use this ...
348 Jun 26, 2009
Geir 'Freaky' Allsted
RAR GeoLocation
GeoLocation By: GreyHound Wanna know where your clients come from? More information to identify smurfs or to keep bans solid? Here you go! Since i probably won't improve it anymore i thought i'd ...
362 May 09, 2011
ZIP Admin Enhancements v0.6 Beta
Name: Admin Enhancements. Version: 0.6b Beta (For TRIBES Version 1.2) Date: 3-2-99 Author: Kevin Savage (*IX*Savage1) Email: URL: Purpose: To give Server Admins More control and flexability. Current Addititions: (Described in Detail Below) Anti-TK ...
341 Jun 26, 2009
Kevin Savage (*IX*Savage1)
EXE Plobe
Server administration program.
394 Jun 07, 2008
RAR Plugin Loader
Plugin Loader By: NoFiX This is the plugin loader made by NoFiX. This allows servers to run multiple .dll files without having to put it all in one mem.dll. There ...
418 May 09, 2011
ZIP Server Side Name Protection
Server Side Name Protection by: WorstAim Used in conjuction with Client Side Name Protection to protect people from being smurfed on servers.
326 Aug 24, 2009
RAR Tribes 1.11 & Tribes 1.30 Attachment System
Tribes Attachment System For 1.11 and 1.30 By: NoFiX This is a plugin for the plugin loader which allows you to make attachments to functions in Tribes. There are no instructions. ...
510 May 09, 2011
ZIP Tribes Server Stat v1.1
Tribes Server Stat v1.1 Features: • written in Perl, so it works under Windows (has been tested on Windows 2000/IIS5/ActivePerl and *nix. • your web server does not need to be on ...
363 Aug 25, 2009
ZIP TribeStat
TribeStat Version: 1.1 Date : August 11, 1999 Author : Ted Wehner TribeStat is "Front-End / Stat Tracker" software designed to work with Starsiege: Tribes. It alleviates the need ...
373 Aug 25, 2009
Ted Wehner
ZIP TriCon Latest
TriCon TriCon is a remote server administration tool. It connects to your server via telnet. This .zip file inluceds TriCon27F and the update to TriCon275. Install TriCon27F first, and then replace the ...
441 Aug 24, 2009
ZIP TWL Match IP Logger
TWL Match IP Logger Time/Date stamping and IP logging script.
368 Aug 25, 2009
ZIP WorstAim's Crash Protection Pack
WORSTAIM'S CRASH PROTECTION PACK DESCRIPTION: This pack contains a patch to every vulnerability and exploit that exists in Starsiege: Tribes - Base Mod from the 1.11 patch and up that I am ...
397 Aug 24, 2009
ZIP XCalibur v8.0
XCalibur v8.0 This is an administration script you run in your mod.
362 Aug 24, 2009
ZIP Zadmin 0.935
Zadmin Overview Zadmin is an admin mod for tribes originally written by rated z (eric lanz) and upgraded by me (andrew). my versions are bastard versions of his original script coupled with ...
501 Jul 01, 2009
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