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Client Security Client Security
Tools to make your game more secure.
3 Tribes_T F.. [462]
Aug 24, 2009
Mapping Tools Mapping Tools
5 ZED Tools [505]
Mar 10, 2010
Mod/Script Creation Tools Mod/Script Creation Tools
Tools used to make scripts and mods.
8 Tribes Fun.. [536]
Aug 25, 2009
References References
Documentation and other references.
12 T1 Netcode [475]
Mar 10, 2010
Server Administration Tools Server Administration Tools
20 Tribes 1.1.. [510]
May 09, 2011
Skinning Tools Skinning Tools
Tools used to create custom skins.
11 PPL Edit [467]
Mar 10, 2010
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ZIP Animated Sky
Animated Sky This will animate your sky in Tribes, so that it feels more realistic.
471 Jul 01, 2009
RAR Command Map Dumper Mem.dll
mem.dll (command map dumper) By: Andrew ( Dumps the command map to a 1024x1024 RGB .raw file in "Tribes/Temp" when the client function rebuildCommandMap() is called (aka on mission load). File name ...
452 Mar 10, 2010
ZIP Dynamix™ Tribes Tools Toolkit
Various Tribes tools released by the developers.
631 Jun 07, 2008
ZIP EGN Tribes Server Injector
EGN Tribes Server Injector This is a temporary work-a-round for EGN's lack of servers when using Gamescan for TRIBES. Hopefully EGN will correct this soon. Aslan[PXL]
433 Jul 01, 2009
ZIP Starsiege Tools v3.0
Starsiege Tools v3.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Tools release notes: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a collection of the tools which we used in the production of Tribes. We provide the tools to you ...
644 Jun 26, 2009
Mitch Shaw
ZIP Tribes Axis Commander v1.2
Tribes Axis Commander v1.2 The perfect tool by Aslan for people trying to set up alternate controllers for TRIBES. The Axis Commander contains default configurations for the Assassin 3D/Panther, Panther XL, ...
406 Jun 26, 2009
ZIP Tribes EZ Uplink v1.0
Tribes EZ Uplink v1.0 -------------------------------- Tribes EZ Uplink is a little program that I have been wanting to make for a long time now. The reason I made this program is ...
441 Jun 26, 2009
ZIP Tribes Tools
Various Tribes tools bundled into one program.
925 Jun 07, 2008
ZIP TribesIP 3.5a
TribesIP 3.5a Enough already! Stop bugging me now.. for I have FINISHED TribesIP for mIRC 5.7! And with this *feat* of technical wizardry, I have also added some REALLY cool features.. ...
451 Aug 25, 2009
"Cowboy" Ben Alman
EXE TribesTV
TribesTV You can put "cameras" in servers and watch them. TribesTV can connect to the camera servers.
531 Jul 01, 2009
Team 5150
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