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ZIP ele_dropmines
When you buy your capping loadout with the DELETE key, you automatically buy 3 mines (which is your only option at an inventory) and drop 2 mines, leaving you with ...
187 May 17, 2009
ZIP EngyHud v2
EngyHudv2 -- By Pyro This Hud originated as my (pyro) idea but then shad0 kind of took it and claimed all the credit as his. So now i am rewriting this ...
207 May 17, 2009
ZIP EvTribes v1.4
EvTribes v1.4 Incorporated a complete support system mainly for peeps to be able to easily port stuff to my pack. You can set your keybinds and prefs inside Tribes in ...
204 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP EZ Rejoin v1.2
EZ Rejoin v1.2 Upon timing out from a server, it will wait 3 seconds, then try to reconnect to the server. Another plug-n=play script, install and you're ready to go. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93
210 Jan 19, 2009
ZIP EZSad v0.420
EZSad v0.420 Normal AutoSAD Scripts that put in your password for you will display your password to everyone in that server! With this script you can control when the password is ...
170 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Fake Death
Fake Death Fake death is nothing special but very entertaining. A attention getter. All it does, its what is says it does, fake death....playing a fake death. Also, there ...
206 May 17, 2009
ShadowHand-O-Mega and HellBound
ZIP FakeKill
FakeKill This is the script where you play random fakedeath animation real fast. I edited this script to make it a toggle Requires Fake Death
207 May 17, 2009
ZIP Fast Favs v1.0
Fast Favs v1.0 Automatically buys your favorites when you enter an inventory.
221 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Fast Ops
Fast Ops This will allow you to fast switch your weapon options via a binded key of your choice... ie... frag mortar, emp mortar,.....
178 May 17, 2009
Grey Falcon
ZIP FastINV_v104
FastINV v1.04 This script replaces the "buy favs" key in Tribes. This buys your favs and then buys 6 repair kits and uses them. Makes it so you can get out ...
197 May 17, 2009
CS Film
Film Screenshot dumping script. Made by Brain^Virus
174 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP Fire On My Target
Fire On My Target Submitted by DS.Poker, this script sends your team a message (text and sound) when you paint a target with the targeting laser. It includes spam protection, so ...
188 Jan 15, 2009
ZIP Fish Chat
Fish's Chat This is like all the other cool chat menu's that people have, it is just one that I put together. You can change any of the things you want, have ...
187 May 17, 2009
ZIP FishHUD v1.2
-------------------------- FishHUD v1.2 by SuckerFish -------------------------- Introduction: FishHUD is essentially a major rewrite of DynHUD, written by KillerBunny. I noticed that DynHUD was missing kills occasionally, so I decided to take a closer ...
199 Aug 25, 2009
ZIP Flag Response v2.1
Flag Response v2.1 23rd April 2000 This is an advanced version of one of the first ever scripts, written by KillerBunny. Requirements Presto Pack v0.93 or later Zear's NewOpts v0.966 or later Read ...
194 Jan 03, 2009
ZIP Flag Return v1.2
Flag Return v1.2 This script will place a small HUD on your screen when the flag is dropped. Typically, if the flag is left in the field for 48 seconds, ...
202 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP Flag Status Hud v1.0
Flag Status Hud by Mental Trousers Version 1.0 This script only supports Ctf game play. There isn't any code in it to figure out which variant of the game is being played, ...
212 May 17, 2009
Shane "Mental Trousers" Taylor
ZIP Flag Taunt
Flag Taunt Taunt local players when you grab eturn\cap\drop a flag.
191 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Flag Taunt Script
Flag Taunt Script Lots of flag taunts, including ones from 5150.
206 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Flag Timer
Flag Timer by Sgarissta Really simple script that gives you both a popup, and an optional team message at 30, and 5 second increments, these increments can be changed but only by a fairly ...
349 Aug 26, 2009
CS FlagCall
FlagCall Automatically announce when you've captured the flag... Get it if you already had a script like this in your autoexec when you installed the PrestoPack. Drop it in your config directory, ...
191 Jan 15, 2009
ZIP FlagCapsHUD v1.1
FlagCapsHUD! 1.1 (updated 7/16/99) All right... Here's the FlagCapsHUD! NewOpts config page! Requires Presto Pack v0.93 or later, ObjectiveHUD, and Zear's NewOpts supported & STRONGLY recommended! This little picture explains what the different ...
214 Jan 03, 2009
"Cowboy" Ben Alman
ZIP FlagHunterHUD v1.6
FlagHunterHUD v1.6 This HUD tracks flags you are carrying, their value, your total points, kills and deaths for the mission type Hunter! -Tracks total flags you are holding as well ...
211 Jan 15, 2009
ZIP Flea Hud v0.08 Beta
FleaHud 0.08 beta by Flea Displays name of equiped weapons, packs Displays ammo amount for equipped weapon Rangefinder HUD for Mortar and Grenade Launcher
181 May 17, 2009
CS FoV Changer v1.0
FoV Changer v1.0 Changes your Field Of View with the F5 Buttons.
202 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP FpsHud 1.01
FpsHud 1.01 - By VéKTöR Version 1.01 A little hud to display your current FPS.
201 May 17, 2009
ZIP FrameRate HUD v1.2
FrameRate HUD v1.2 4th July 2000 Inspired by FPS HUD by VekToR. Requirements Presto Pack v0.93 or later Zear's NewOpts v0.966 or later Writer's Support Pack v4.0.4 BETA or later Description FrameRate HUD displays frame rate stats ...
194 Jan 03, 2009
HChat A kill counter designed for the Hybrid mods.
167 May 17, 2009
*SlipKnot* & Orion
ZIP [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected], now with NewOpts support. Carrying the flag and need help? Deploy a beacon and tell your team. Want to target something, but not use painter, deploy a beacon and ...
195 Jan 15, 2009
ZIP HitList v1.0n
HitList v1.0n Hitlist allows you to enter a list of up to five names to target and while playing a mission set a waypoint to any one of those individuals if ...
204 Jan 06, 2009
ArxFornax & NecroMaster
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