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ZIP CD Control v1.1
CdControl v1.1 You can probably guess what it does, but I'll tell you anyways. It has optional key-binding for Start CD, Stop CD, Next Track, Previous Track, Volume Up, Volume Down ...
206 Jan 04, 2009
CD HUD v1.7 Audio CD player for Tribes. Allows more control over playing tracks or an entire CD from within Tribes. Requirements PrestoPack v0.93
203 Jan 15, 2009
CS Chain Fire Zoom v2.0
Chain Fire Zoom v2.0 Sets the chaingun to 2x zoom when firing. Made by RoadKill
265 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP Chat HUD Editor 2.0
Chat HUD Editor 2.0 This script gives you the possibility to change the amount of lines when changing the Chat-HUD size. Lets the "u"-key link to this script and it will ...
231 Jan 04, 2009
ZIP ChatHUDHider v0.3
ChatHUDHider v0.3 By MrPoop ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This idea was inspired whilst trolling through the PSS forums. Screen space is a limited chunk of real estate. This script hides your Tribes chatHUD with several configurable ...
203 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP ClearSight v0.94.5
ClearSight v0.94.5 This baby will give you translucent reticles. It took a bit of scripting, and a little chunk of gui editing, but it works, and it works pretty darned good. ...
197 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Clock
Clock A new clock for Tribes.
201 Jun 26, 2009
ZIP Clock Hud
Clock Hud Welcome to the wonderful world of Clock Hud. Tells the real time. Installation instructions. 1.) put ClockHud.avl.vol in your tribes\config directory. 2.) run ClockHud.exe, set directory in program. keep running while playing 3.) boot ...
230 Aug 25, 2009
ZIP CmdHUD 1.3a
CmdHUD 1.3a (updated 6/3/99) Have you ever been at an Inventory Station or had the Commander Map up when, all of a sudden, the enemy walks right up in front of ...
266 Jan 02, 2009
"Cowboy" Ben Alman
ZIP CmdView v1.3 Beta
CmdView v1.3 Beta Places a mini-commander on your screen.
205 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Connect Script
JoinGame Retry. Basically the same as in NewInterface Added a check for Password check.
192 Jan 24, 2009
ZIP CowboyHUD 2.3
CowboyHUD 2.3 Have you ever been in a super-crazy melee where there are SO MANY kills and deaths happening all around you that you don't have any idea who you killed ...
256 Jan 03, 2009
"Cowboy" Ben Alman
CTFHuD v1.4 CTFHuD is a heads-up-display script intended to increase your awareness within the game by showing vital information on your screen. The primary goal of CTFHuD is to maximize ...
216 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP DC Chat Add On
DC Chat Add On This adds a new menu for personal info into your Chat Menu.
183 May 17, 2009
Daniel Da Cheetah
ZIP Death 2.0
Death 2.0 Automated messages when you get killed by certain weapons.
214 May 17, 2009
{WD}^Darth^ and {MTW}Fish
ZIP Death Toss v1.2
Death Toss v1.2 Upon pushing the specified button, it uses a repair kit if you still have one, deploys a mine under you or throws all your mines and/or grenades in ...
210 Jan 19, 2009
DeathHUD Basically a SplitMsg style hud, but all text based. Stripped Version Presto Version
224 Jan 16, 2009
Bryan "daerid" Ross
DeeHUD Once again, |HH|Crunchy throws out a good one. Based on |HH|Waldaize's original DeeHUD script, and modified by Crunchy, it allows you to freely fly a vehicle while viewing the command ...
216 Jan 15, 2009
ZIP Defense HUD v1.31
Defense HUD v1.31 Defense HUD is a simple hud meant for defenders who want to keep track of teammates being killed. For example, if I'm front door HD with I/O MeSlayer on ...
209 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Demo Cam v1.0
Demo Cam v1.0 Allows you to pause recordings and fly around freely in the frozen world.
291 May 17, 2009
ZIP Demo Messages
Demo Messages I quite often make demos of particular things, tricks, strategies etc to send to my clanmates and I got sick of stopping to type something in to explain what was ...
200 Jan 16, 2009
Mental Trousers
ZIP DemoDrop
DemoDrop It gives you the option to delete, rename, or don't touch the previos demo when you drop to stop/start a new one.
211 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP DemoHUD++ 1.2
DemoHUD++ 1.2 (updated 7/15/00) You're thinking, "Why would a DemoHUD need a NewOpts page?" Well, it would if Cowboy was making it! :) You can set all the important (and all the unimportant) ...
252 Jan 03, 2009
"Cowboy" Ben Alman
ZIP DemoName v1.0
DemoName v1.0 Lets you enter a name for your demo before you join server!
186 Jan 16, 2009
Carlton_Banks, liquid, PuwWuw
ZIP Deploy Announce v1.2
Deploy Announce v1.2 23rd April 2000 If you use Writer's scripts you may already have a script that has the same functionality of this script. This script is a slightly different interpretation ...
237 Jan 03, 2009
ZIP Deploy Repeat
Deploy Repeat This is an auto-deploy script. You push "P" to deploy your object, and it will keep trying to deploy the object until you turn off the script.
202 May 17, 2009
RAR DeusCHAT - For RPG ver 4.677
DeusCHAT - For RPG ver 4.677 RPG chat script.
216 Jan 16, 2009
ZIP Drop HUD v1.3
Drop HUD v1.3 23rd April 2000 Original concept by |HH|Rico. Icons designed by |HH|Crunchy and |HH|Rico. Do NOT use the icons without permission. Requirements NewOpts PrestoPack v0.93 Description The HUD displays an icon that represents the currently ...
205 Jan 14, 2009
ZIP Drop Weapon v1.8
Drop Weapon v1.8 If you ever have a weapon in your inventory that you do not want, and did not buy at an Inventory station, this script will automatically drop the ...
181 Jan 19, 2009
ZIP Easy deploy
Easy Deploy My first (and only) client side script. Based off of Mannkind's Beacon Addons, this script helps a lot when deploying items (including beacons). This will automatically move you ...
206 May 17, 2009
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