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File - CowboyHUD 2.3
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Developer "Cowboy" Ben Alman
Last Update Jan 14, 2009 - 19:37
Version 2.3
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CowboyHUD 2.3

Have you ever been in a super-crazy melee where there are SO MANY kills and deaths happening all around you that you don't have any idea who you killed or who killed you? Here's the answer! This HUD will show you who you killed, and with what weapon, who killed you (so you can GET REVENGE!), if you killed yourself, and how long it's been since your last kill...


Go kill someone!

You just got killed...

...and got revenge!

You Teamkiller!

Kill the enemy!

You blew that one!


1. Download the latest CowboyHUD below! If you don't have PrestoPack, get it here!
2. Unzip all files into the tribes\config\cowboy\ directory. (If this directory doesn't exist, you have to create it!)
3. Add the line: Include("cowboy\\CowboyHUD.cs"); to your autoexec.cs file somewhere AFTER the exec("presto\\install.cs"); line.
4. Edit CowboyHUD.cs as needed, making sure all the options are set up as you need them!


CowboyHUD defaults to display about 15 pixels underneath Presto's DynHUD. If you have other HUDs that you put there, you may want to move CowboyHUD so they don't overlap. You can move it to anywhere on the screen, just by changing the values of $Cowboy::PlaceX and $Cowboy::PlaceY in CowboyHUD.cs (There are a few examples in the comments section).

You can also change the display time of the HUD itself by adjusting the values of $Cowboy::ShowTime and $Cowboy::NotifyTime. Who could ask for anything more?


Please make sure CowboyHUD is being loaded correctly! When Tribes first starts up, press the ~ key at the main menu to bring up the console. If you see a line that says: cowboy\CowboyHUD.cs Line: xxx - Syntax Error, something is wrong in CowboyHUD.cs at line xxx. You need to fix this! (If you are not a programmer, look around at the surrounding lines and see if you can see any inconsistencies, maybe you left out a " or a ; somewhere.)

I honestly don't know of any compatibility problems between CmdHUD and other scripts, if you are having a problem, make sure you are running PrestoPack 0.93 or greater!

Removing CowboyHUD:

Hopefully, it won't come to this, but if you want to remove CowboyHUD from your Tribes setup, you can just delete all the files that were installed from the CowboyHUD zipfile, and remove the line: Include("cowboy\\CowboyHUD.cs"); from your autoexec.cs file. This stops CowboyHUD from loading.


2.3: Purely aesthetics... I added my new email address and webpage!

2.2: Fixed problem on Multi-Team matches (more than 2 teams) that would result in ocassional incorrect killer & victim team status. This is due to the fact that Presto's pack assumes you are only playing in a 2-team match, and therefore his Team::Enemy() function only recognizes the FIRST enemy team as being the enemy. Instead of checking Team::Enemy(), I now check for !Team::Friendly(). Also: Cowboy Hats! (har har har) I have also included a JHUD-like display position option - Check it out if you liked the placement of the original JHUD Kill Tracker...

2.1: You can now adjust the duration of the messages and the last-kill-time notification interval. - Good idea GrymReaper!

2.0: Now, tells and reminds you who last killed you - so you can GET REVENGE! Also lets you know if YOU were Team Killed, or committed suicide. HUD updates every so often and tells you how long since your last kill. Now with ANIMATED BITMAPS! Woooo Baby!

1.0 No centerprint("",1) overlap, as this is a HUD and can be moved, also - always stays open for 4 seconds after the last kill notification (got rid of that pesky schedule() function) ...and looks cool too!

All content ©1999-2003 "Cowboy" Ben Alman, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.
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