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File - BooMHUD
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Developer Mannkind
Last Update Jan 15, 2009 - 02:27
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BooMHUD (formerly known as WeapHUD, not to be confused with WepHUD by shokugE) is a small HUD for tracking/displaying almost all kills you made as well as all deaths suffered, and flag captures. This script was made by GrymReaper and modified by Mannkind to add Lifetime stats, on-the-fly stat switching.


Easy to read HUD.
Dark enough to read in any background (optional setting).
Toggling at the press of a key.
User Customizeable position.
*New* Lifetime Stats
*New* On the fly toggle between Game Stats and Lifetime Stats
*New* Support for NewOpts

Also, this script is optimized for 800x600 resolution!
Any other resolution MAY mess up the displaying of the HUD!

PrestoPack v0.93

Open up your AutoExec.cs in any text editor (NotePad, WordPad) and add this line:


after the lines:



Save the file and run Tribes. Open up the Options>Scripts menu and choose the BooMHUD page for user preferences.

Bug Fixes:
When you turned off the dark background it would still show up. Fixed
Wouldn't show Elf Kills. Fixed
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